Skylight Beta 1.0.864

A nice, fast file search and launch tool


  • Nice interface
  • Quick search results
  • No need to use the mouse


  • Slow content indexing
  • Doesn't allow to launch apps

Very good

Skylight is an eye-candy searching tool that enables you to find any file on your computer just by entering the first few letters of its name.

The program runs silently in the background until you press the appropriate hotkey to display its interface. You can then begin typing the name of the file you're looking for and Skylight will show the most relevant results in real time.

There's a button below the selected file that allows you to view, edit or explore it in Explorer: simply use the Tab key until you get the desired action and then press Enter.

Skylight indexes the content of several default folders to begin with, but you can add some extra folders if you want. The problem is that indexing the new content takes quite a long time.

Generally speaking, I think it's a good replacement for the old-fashioned Windows search utility which is hardly of any use. But if I can suggest new features, it would have been nice to be able to also launch apps.

Compatible with the following devices and technologies: Samsung Gear VR


Skylight Beta 1.0.864

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